Pottery souvenir

Pottery souvenir of hamedan and qom and qazvin and sistan baluchestan and iran

Pottery in Iran has a long history. The same thing has made the pottery attractive for foreign tourists and made them as souvenirs. Cities like Lalejin, Hamadan, Meybod and Natanz are among the most famous cities in the pottery industry.To the objects made of cooked Mud, they are called pottery. The artist is the pottery maker, potter and the pottery is an industrial blend with art that leads to the production of pottery.



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About Pottery in Iran

The construction of pottery in Iran has a long and brilliant background. Due to the particular geographic location of Iran, which is located at the intersection of ancient civilizations and on important convoy paths, in almost every part of Iran, they have been involved in the making of pottery at different times.

Lalejin of Hamedan

Lalejin has become one of the major pottery centers in the province of Hamedan due to the availability of soil.Laljin is from clay, and most of the pottery is unpainted and embedded with an integrated glaze. The products of this area are very diverse and are relatively good in terms of soil and glaze than in other parts of Iran. The colors of glazes made in Hamadan are often Azure, Blue, Hana, Yellow, Green, Turquoise and Brown. The technique of making lallian gypsum is more workable, but brickwork is also done by compression and drainage methods, and sometimes the crust is decorated with cut, cut and augmented methods.

Meybod of Yazd

In this area, pottery is carried out with white soil, and after pouring, the surfaces of the pottery are covered with a layer of purer white soil, the composition of which differs in each region and slurred, and then painted in various colors, and eventually the entire surface of the pottery Painted and coated with colorless transparent glazes. The painting on the pottery is a picture of the sun and is called a Lady Sun, the other is the image of decorative flowers, fish and birds.