Nuts Souvenir

Nuts Souvenir of Iran

Among Iranian Eating souvenirs, Nuts like pistachios, almonds, walnuts and etc are very popular among foreign tourists. Pistachios in the cities of Kerman, Damghan and Sabzevar of Iran are famous in the world. Iranian nuts are one of the oldest symbols in Iranian culture used in traditional ceremonies. The use of Iranian nuts in ceremonies such as the New Year Eve or Eid Yalda is an example of this. Different combinations of nuts at different ceremonies and celebrations are a symbol for happiness and joy. Nuts later came to the religious beliefs of the Iranian people and became an integral part of Iranian culture.



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About Nuts in Iran

The best of nuts are those that are in normal condition and usually roasted daily and sold. However, as mentioned, the range of materials used in various nuts is very large, but in general, the following items can be considered as the main ingredients of nuts: pistachios, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, Japoni , Peanuts, almonds, Indian almonds, walnuts, quotes, raisins, chickpeas. Nuts are used in different lifetimes of Iranians.

Nowruz nuts

Everyone celebrates Eid and Nawroz with nuts. Nowadays, the combination of Japanese seedlings, pumpkin seeds, tree almonds, hazelnuts, Indian almonds, and peanuts, is also common. A combination that can be seen in almost every house in a fixed form.

Nowruz nuts are a celebration of Nowruz. Therefore, in the culture of many parts of Iran, if a family mourned a year before Nowruz, Nowruz does not host its guests with nuts to show them the sadness and grief left by their beloved ones.

Yalda Night Nuts

 Yalda's nuts are essentially nuts of four brains that have been added to different nuts over time and in different cultures. The dried fruit, including dried fruit, dry berries, dried apricots and even dry dates, is added to the compound.

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