Leather Souvenir

Leather Souvenir of Hamedan, East azerbaijan, Fars, Khorasan and Tehran

Khorasan Razavi, Mashhad has been one of the leading leather manufacturers in Iran for many years. Every year it has exported many kinds of leather clothes, bags and shoes to all over the world.



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Mashhad leather products

Mashhad leather products have high quality, Sustainability and durability and many popular and reputable (reliable) leather brands are located in Mashhad. Leather is widely produced in this province and Mashhad leather bags and shoes are one of the most unique souvenirs in Mashhad. Mashhad is one of the leading exporters of leather goods to different parts of the world and besides supplying domestic needs, it has a significant share of Iranian leather exports. Original leather in Mashhad needs professional advices. Be sure to consult the well-known leather shoes sales in the famous markets of Khorasan Razavi.

About painting on leather (Tehran's most beautiful souvenirs)

It is said that the art of leather painting was one of the special handicrafts of Tehran province, a valuable souvenir that has been prevalent since the Qajar era in the province.

Usually tanned sheep leather is used for this industry and with this art make beautiful leather goods such as bags, shoes, book covers, etc. In addition, painting and fabric design became popular amongst Tehran craftsmen after World War II. Overall, Tehran is a good city for all kinds of handicrafts Because around this great city is filled with towns and villages, each with their own industry and bringing their products to buy them in Tehran’s markets. As a result, you have several options to buy different crafts.

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