Lavashak or aloocheh Souvenir

Lavashak or aloocheh Souvenir of Tehran

Lavashak or Aloocheh is actually an extract made from fruits and is made by drying. Drying is one of the simplest and most common methods of food storage that is as old as human civilization and is used today in various countries in various forms from traditional methods to industrial patterns for drying. Lavashak is an edible from the Persian-speaking land (Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan) and has a sour and salty taste.



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Aloocheh and Lavashak Plums and fruit leather or fruit roll-ups of Darband

Darband, in addition to a pleasant atmosphere, sightseeing and entertainment, is a good place to buy plums and fruit leather which are among the most delicious souvenirs you can take with you on your trip to Tehran. If you are on a mountaineering path to Darband, Plums and fruit leather, that do not need to be introduced, can be seen in abundance along the way. Be sure to try these Plums and fruit leather/Aloocheh and Lavashak so that you don't forget the wonderful taste.

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