Jujube annab Souvenir

Jujube annab Souvenir of Khorasan

Jujube (Annab) is a delicious fruit and herbal medicine with many properties. Jujube (Annab) is also called Chinese date or red date, because it is both sweet and has a date palm-like core. Inside The fruit is yellow and sweet.



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About Jujube (Annab) in Khorasan

Jujube (Annab) is one of those nuts that everyone is interested in and has many benefits. South Khorasan Province, as the largest producer of Jujube (Annab) in the country, accounts for more than 95% of this crop. The best varieties of Jujube (Annab) produced in the world are South Khorasan Jujube (Annab). Jujube (Annab) cultivation has been widespread in many parts of the province due to its adaptation to the climatic conditions and produces a satisfactory result. The quality of this product is so high that it is recognized as one of the most important souvenirs of this province in the country. Jujube (Annab) is a sedative, anti-cancer, anti-respiratory diseases and very tonic. On the one hand, it is a blood purifier that helps digestion and is used to treat irregular heartbeat. The rope also protects the teeth from decay. These souvenirs are one of the most famous souvenirs of Mashhad that have a special popularity among tourists. You can buy this fruit, which has extraordinary medicinal properties, in Mashhad stores among the most important souvenirs in South Khorasan.

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