Guava Souvenir

Guava Souvenir of Hormozgan

In the bazaar of Bandar Abbas and even in the corners of this city, you will see people selling something called olives. But you won't see olives. In Bandar Abbas, Guava is called olive, though it is not very similar to olive, and you only see fruits smaller than pears with a different appearance.



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Guava, a fragrant and delicious souvenir of Bandar Abbas

This fruit is the famous Guava, a tropical fruit that is grown only in the two provinces of Sistan and Baluchestan and Hormozgan. Equatorial fruits are very rare, except in parts of southern Iran. Guava, which is a fragrant and delicious fruit, looks like a pear and pomegranate and tastes sour and sweet. The skin color of Guava fruit is generally yellow and green, and the inside is pink, cream, yellow or white. If you travel to these areas, be sure to eat guava and bring souvenirs for your friends and family. This delicious souvenir is usually found in the province from the first half of November to April, and the ripe type of Guava is known for its yellow skin. Guava has many properties. It is Useful for cleansing facial skin, controlling diabetes and blood sugar, and treating hair loss. They make jam from it and If you boil its skin, it is the best painkiller for stomach pain, and apart from that, it heals wounds quickly. If you put a seed of this fruit in your hand or bag, its unique fragrance will be with you for a long time and will remind you of the pleasant journey to Bandar Abbas.

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