Glassware or Shishegari Souvenir

Glassware or Shishegari Souvenir of Tehran

One of the oldest and most traditional handicrafts in Tehran is the glass art, glass cutting and glass painting, which dates back more than 2000 years to the country and has a rich history and originality.



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About Shishegari(Glassware)

This art is making glass containers by using molten glass paste and the method is different depending on the model of product they want to produce. The art of glassmaking is one of the most original and ancient handicrafts in Iran, the roots of which can be found in ancient times. This artistic industry was more prevalent in the Seljuk era than in any other period, and to this day, the art of Iranian is visible in the smallest part of these colored glassware. There are also other extracurricular activities in this industry, such as glass mosaic and glass fusion, which can be purchased as souvenirs from Tehran markets. You can buy this handmade art as souvenirs from the big markets of Tehran.

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