Iranian Handmade Fabrics as a top rated Iranian souvenir

Handmade Fabrics of Iran(Kalamkari, Pateh, Termeh)

The quality and reputation of Iranian handmade fabrics varies depending on the city you visit. For example, the Kalamkari of Isfahan, which is produced with Geometric, roses flowers and plants shapes, is one of the most famous souvenirs in Iran, and has many fans among foreigners. Pateh fabrics are also souvenirs of Kerman city, decorative fabrics of wool, which are hand-woven and painted in natural colors. Termeh is also a traditional, handmade and silk fabric of Yazd city, which has a lot of reputation, and curved shapes such as Paisley and flowers of Shah-abbasi are used in different colors in Termeh.

Iran handmade fabrics

Iran handmade fabrics


One of the handicrafts that Kerman women artists have been producing for many years now is stitching pateh, Pate is a well-known type of Iranian needleworks with a worldwide reputation. The patta has a thick cloth that is sewn on with the color and glaze of a beautiful bush, cedar, bergamot and other motifs. In the Kerman Bazaar, Pateh are sold in the form of boards, bedspreads, cushions, blankets, desktops, pillows or even clothes.