Apple Souvenir

Apple Souvenir of Tehran

Another of Tehran's most famous souvenirs is the Damavand’s apples. It is one of the most delicious souvenirs in Tehran, which is found a few kilometers from the center of the capital.



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Damavand’s apples

This fragrant juicy apple remains in the memories. Damavand’s apple is one of the highest quality apples in Iran that has different types. These apples include the Shemirani, Golab, Shafiabad, Abbasi and several other types, which are certainly the first time you have heard of them. Damavand’s apple is the best product of this region. You can visit the cities with pleasant climate arround Tehran, such as Damavand, and take the original of this colorful and glazed apple as a souvenir from this region. But if you do not have time to travel to Damavand, you can take this fresh and delicious apple for yourself and your friends from Tehran itself. This apple growing season is summer and the beautiful autumn has several other types of apples. One of the most delicious types of Damavand’s apples is Golab apple, which is more popular among the people. If you travel to Tehran by car, be sure to bring a few boxes of these delicious apples with you.

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